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About Extreme Sports Guide

Extreme Sports Guide David Visscher

Extreme Sports Guide was started by David Visscher, a lover of bouldering, BASE jumping and canyoning amongst other extreme sports.

David says:

“I’ve always been quite private about my participation in extreme sports, however I realised there were a lot of young people wanting to start these sports that didn’t have the proper guidance like I had. 
So, I wanted to provide a resource where these people could go and get all the information they need to start and be safe while trying these sports. 
The first extreme sport I tried was bouldering back in the 90’s. I hung out with some legends of bouldering in my area who taught me the proper technique and how to stay safe. 
When I was out bouldering, I started noticing beginners who would try advanced routes without knowing the basics and they kept getting injured. It made me realise that not everyone had the right guidance and support like I had. 
I started Extreme Sports Guide as a way to make sure everyone has access to the support network that I did when I was starting out. 
My philosophy to extreme sports has always been to seek out a mentor and to practice safety, whether that be for bouldering, BASE jumping, canyoning or any other extreme sport. I generally don’t enjoy taking risks which means my love for extreme sports needs to be balanced with safety precautions and I want others to stay safe as well while thriving in these sports.”
Extreme Sports Guide David Visscher Base Jumping